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All of the solicitors at Meikle Osgood have large Represented Adult (formerly known as Dependent Adult under the Dependent Adults Act”) practices and can assist in all aspects of the legal needs for relatives who have been born with or have succumbed to a form of mental incapacity.

Experienced Lawyers at Meikle Osgood can determine if Power of Attorney or Personal Directive may be employed, or if Assisted Decision Making is an option. Our Edmonton Lawyers can sort through the complicated paperwork of the new Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act and any necessary litigation to accomplish your goals. We can ensure all necessary authority is granted when required - such as the power to sell or lease Real Estate and assist in the Passing of Accounts. Randall Osgood is a member of the Elder Law section and a long time member and former executive member, including past Chair of the Wills and Estates section of the Canadian Bar Association (North Alberta).

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