Personal Directive

The Personal Directive appoints an Agent, usually a family member, to act on your behalf and carry out the instructions that you set out in the document. Your instructions may be general in nature or be specific as to what medical treatment you might wish to withhold if your condition is terminal. We will be pleased to discuss these matters with you at any time.

Benefits Of A Personal Directive:

  • You control who will make decisions about personal matters if you are not able to do so.
  • You can be specific or set general guidelines for your agent in making decisions for you.
  • It allows you to be prepared if you become mentally incapacitated.
  • The alternative to having a Personal Directive is a Court process which is impersonal and does not address your personal wishes, and which is significantly more expensive than creating a Personal Directive.

A personal directive allows you:

  • To name one or more Agents
  • To exclude someone that you may not be comfortable in being involved as a decision maker for you
  • To give instructions respecting personal decisions and access to confidential information
  • To define how the decision will be made as to when you have lost mental capacity
  • To define what subjects your Agent will deal with, such as:
    • Your medical care
    • Where you will live
    • Your social activities
    • Educational pursuits
    • Employment
    • Legal and personal matters

A personal directive can be revoked by:

  • A later inconsistent Personal Directive
  • A valid written intention to revoke
  • Upon the happening of a pre-set date or event as outlined in the Personal Directive
  • By a Court order
  • By the destruction of the original Personal Directive

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