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Wills and Estates Lawyers in Edmonton, AB

Contact Meikle Osgood’s wills and estates lawyers in Edmonton, AB to enquire about our will & estate law services.

Our Wills and Estates Lawyers have considerable experience to assist you in your Estate Plan, which may include a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney; and Personal Directive.

Your circumstance may require more extensive planning involving Trusts or a corporate reorganization to assist in minimizing tax consequences, while maintaining your intention to gift to those who mean the most to you. Our Edmonton based Estate Lawyers can assist the Personal Representatives with their duties to administer an estate, not only with Probate, or obtaining Letters of Administration, but with all aspects of completion of their duties, including acting as a Trustee and other fiduciary duties. We are able to take action on necessary Estate Litigation when required. We act to ensure your final wishes are realized, with a minimum of tax concerns and more importantly, with a minimum of stress to your family and loved ones from a potentially difficult administration process. Randall Osgood is a long time member and former executive member, including past Chair of the Wills and Estates section of the Canadian Bar Association (North Alberta).

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