Title Insurance

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Obtaining title insurance can provide protection for a purchaser for unpaid utility or realty tax bills from the previous owner; some protection for building code issues; some protection regarding encroachments neighbouring land, and some fraud protection.

Certain exclusions will apply, such as native land claims, environmental hazards and the purchaser's right to change the use of the land or undertake renovations or construction. Problems the purchaser agreed to in the real estate purchase agreement or failed to disclose to the lawyer will also not be covered. Title insurance may eliminate the need for an up-to-date real property report to satisfy a mortgagee. As this is an insurance product, it provides limited protection so we always recommend obtaining a real property report. There is an additional cost of obtaining title insurance. Some insurance companies suggest that their policies are better than others. Title insurance provides some additional protection at some additional cost. For further explanation check the following link: TitlePLUS

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